Effects of planting date and seed origin on yield, essential oil and compositions content of Pimpinella affinis Ledeb. in Iran

Document Type: Research Paper


Research Institute of Forests and Rangelands


In order to investigation the effects of seed origin and planting date on yield  and essential oil of Pimpinella affinis, a field experiment was carried out in Alborz Research Center in 2007. This experiment was performed under factorial in the base of (RCBD) with three replications. The treatments were included locations of seeds collection and planting dates. Essential oils were extracted from different parts in all experimental units separately. The results showed that the effects of locality on seed yield, inflorescence oil percentage, seed oil percentage, seed oil yield and limonene percentage had significant difference with other treatments. Effects of planting date on seed yield, Inflorescence oil percentage and seed oil yield was significant different with others. Interaction between locality and planting date on height, stem plus leaf oil percentage, Inflorescence oil percentage, seed oil percentage, seed oil yield, limonene percentage and trans α-bergamotene percentage were significant different. The major compositions of Tehran chemotype were limonene (>83%) and geijerene and the major composition of Mazandaran chemotype  was trans α-bergamotene (>91%). As a result, seed origin from Mazandaran is recommended to cultivation due to presence of trans α-bergamotene in essential oils, and Tehran seed origin for its seed oil yield and biomass.